Moving Cities: The Secret Cheat Sheet


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Moving to a new city is a big deal. Each city has a different culture, a different vibe and a different pace. When you move you make a commitment to your new place; this will be your home for the meantime and you need to do your utmost to settle into the city.

Many people find moving to a new city challenging. Trying to settle into a new place can be hard, especially if you happen to be an introverted type of person. You need to make an effort in your new surroundings if you are going to be content. Here is your moving city cheat sheet.

Step 1: Find Your City

Where do you want to live? If you are looking for a city to live in then the chances are that you want a loud and exciting lifestyle. One region that many people overlook in the UK is the midlands. The midlands have loads of great cities, which you can live in at a low cost. The plus of living in cities within the midlands is that you can experience inner-city living for reasonable prices.

Check out estate agents in Coventry, Birmingham and Nottingham to find some fantastic rent deals. These cities are great to live in as they have a flourishing economy, many jobs and plenty of cultural attractions. Wherever you choose to move to make sure that the city suits your needs don’t opt for anything other than your dream city.  

Step 2: Navigate The Transport

Transportation systems differ from city to city. Don’t assume that because you know the London underground you will be able to navigate every tram and bus system in the world. Each system is different and once you have moved you will need to take the time to learn about the public transport.

If you are going to have to make the same journey on a regular basis, then make sure you plan it. Look up which buses or trams you can take to your destination, so that you have a wide range of options. Knowing the cities transport is vital to your new life in the city.

Step 3: Find Your Favourite Coffee Shop

If the sitcom ‘Friends’ is anything to go by, city-dwellers need a favourite coffee shop. Let’s face it Starbucks, and Costa are for the tourists. What you need to find is a cool, little independent coffee shop where you can hang out with your new friends (once you’ve made them).

Take a long walk around your new city and find places you might like. It’s not just about finding a coffee shop; it’s about getting to know your new city. It doesn’t matter if you get lost, looking round your new city will help you get a feel for what the city is about. You should take a whole day to look around when your first move to a new city.

Step 4: Meet New People

One of the main things people struggle with when they move home is meeting new people. In a city meeting, new people will be easier than in the country. But people in the city are often too busy or too stressed out to make time for new friends. The best way you can meet new people is by joining a group, but you might not have time to do so when you’ve just moved. Instead, there are many apps you can get for your phone to help you to reach out and meet others. Be careful that you don’t get a dating app and that the app you choose is just for making friends.


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